Indoor Striping

Professional Warehouse or Indoor Floor Striping Improves the Safety, Function and Appearance of your Warehouse or Manufacturing Facility.


Part of our core services includes Warehouse Striping and Aisle Marking. You can rely on our professional approach and experience to evaluate and apply what is best for your facility according to your requirements with materials that will hold up to the most abusive traffic and use.

It all starts with our experienced staff. From storage and traffic deliniations, fire code requirements, OSHA requirements, and indoor striping specifics to line removal, we understand what it takes to do a job efficiently and correctly. Our experience allows us to help you meet your needs as we strive to understand your business and keep your goals our top priority.

Shot Blasting & Floor Prep

Parallel Contracting is experienced in line removal and floor prep. Using shot blasting or diamond grinding, we can clean older floors of dirt, rubber, sealers, paint, mastics, epoxies and adhesives to prepare your concrete floor for applying lines, toppings and/or resealing. To ensure longevity of your floor markings, we profile the floor prior to striping to give the paint or epoxy lines better adhesion. If you simply have an old concrete floor that needs to be completely cleaned of years of grease dirt and abuse, we can clean and etch the floor in preparation, for epoxy striping or urethane sealers & other coatings.

Professional & Efficient

Striping your facility requires close communication and execution. Parallel Contracting has the experience and personnel capable of coordinating with your ongoing operation to get your project done all at once or in phases if required. We can layout, prep the surface, and apply epoxy striping (or other materials) proficiently and professionally. Our work methods and procedures allow us to complete up to 10,000 linear feet of layout and application per day in ideal conditions.

Immediate benefits our customers have seen from our services are Increased utilization, Decreased Material Damage, Employee Safety, OSHA Compliance, FDA Compliance, and of course, better overall appearance.

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